English for Software Engineering

In this course, you will sharpen your product development skills and knowledge by engaging with a range of authentic materials ranging from videos of global tech leaders to recordings of real development team meetings. Discover the latest trends in software development roles, tools, and methods and learn to lead productive meetings and give engaging presentations.Work is changing—and so is the English your teams need to learn. Voxy’s English for Business course is the only one of its kind that uses 100% authentic content, designed to provide learners with the real-world skills, context and vocabulary to succeed in today’s workplace.

Вы научитесь

  • Understand the skills necessary to be a valuable and knowledgeable software engineer.
  • Recognize programming languages, tools, and methods that fit your software development needs.
  • Communicate clearly with other teams and team members to create a collaborative working environment.

Учебный план


Learn about the product development process from experienced developers
from companies like Google and Microsoft. Understand why each step of the
software development lifecycle is necessary to create successful, high-quality


Discover the diversity of software engineering roles by learning what it takes to be a software developer, web developer, front-end engineer, or product manager and listen to expert advice to make sure you are successful in your role.


Learn about the fundamental programming languages necessary for software
development including C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and SQL and
understand the strengths and limitations of each so that you can choose the one
that fits your programming needs.


Understand the ongoing processes involved in software development like
continuous integration, usability testing, and quality assurance and learn the
importance of creating collaborative teams to keep these processes running


Discover the intricacies of product management while learning to make the most of the available tools like GitHub, Jira, Trello, and StackOverflow. From managing projects and information to creating milestones and tracking bugs, there’s a tool to help you!


Learn how to create a seamless flow of communication between team members and teams using traditional email for updates and announcements and applications like Slack, HipChat, or Gitter for quick exchanges.


Understand the importance of daily stand-ups and process retrospectives and
the topics discussed in a weekly development meeting. Listen to a team of
software engineers give updates, raise issues and questions, and talk about
team strategy.


Watch real software presentations to learn strategies that will keep your audience engaged while clearly communicating your product and company vision, the challenges you have faced, and the innovative solutions you have developed.


Learn about debugging best practices by exploring bug tracking systems and watching tutorials that show how to troubleshoot common software bugs.

Make sure you are up to date with the biggest trends in software development from containers and microservices to big data and cloud computing and more.

Review the key concepts that have been covered in this course.

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