English for Cross-Cultural Training/ Межкультурная Коммуникация

In today’s global economy, it has never been more important to develop the skills to communicate effectively, understand cultural differences and work with diverse teams.

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In this course, learners will gain cultural awareness and broaden their understanding of global cultural differences. The intercultural skills developed in this course will help to navigate verbal and non-verbal communication, manage a diverse team, engage in intercultural business and more.

Учебный план


Review the fundamentals of culture and the importance of cross-cultural training.

Виды культурных различий

Learn about common types of cross-cultural differences and explore how they impact businesses in different ways.

Жизнь за границей

Understand the different stages of cultural awareness and adjustment that are common when living abroad. Also learn about strategies for adapting to new cultures and hear stories of how people have navigated cultural differences when living abroad.

Невербальная коммуникация

Learn about the importance of non-verbal communication differences in intercultural communication. Also understand different types of non-verbal communication and discover how to avoid non-verbal miscommunications.

Специфические межкультурные особенности

Learn about specific cultural differences from around the world. Take a closer look at cultural differences within Africa, and hear about intercultural experiences between the UK, Australia, China and more.

Английский в разных странах

Learn about global differences in English spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation by listening to native speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa and Ireland talk about what makes their English unique.

Стратегии и тактика общения

Take a look at some strategies to enhance your intercultural communication. Learn about how some companies have struggled to achieve clear communication across cultures, but have learned from their past experiences.

Стратегии управления

Discover how to promote collaboration and understanding within a cross-cultural team by learning strategies and hearing from experts in the field.

Ведение бизнеса в разных странах

Learn about the benefits of cross-cultural collaboration in the workplace and how to work with global clients.

Работа в многонациональной компании

Understand the unique challenges of having a global team and the cultural challenges that can arise, and learn how to maximize opportunities to make intercultural connections with your team.


Review the key concepts in this course.

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